The LOOK CARE®: a new French dermo-cosmetic brand intended for the well-being of animals and users. The Like humans, our four-legged friends are developing more and more skin problems and skin intolerance.


From simple itching to canine atopic dermatitis, the causes are multiple: environment, diet, medication. The use of unsuitable cosmetic products is far from being estimated at its fair value by a lost owner (and we understand!) By the existing cosmetic offer! The decryption of ingredients is a science reserved for formulators.


Cosmetic products for human use are not suitable for animals (due in particular to the skin pH and a different skin permeability).

As for cosmetics for animals, the majority of them contain many allergens, a plethora of irritating preservatives or even very irritating (some being banned in human cosmetic formulations), many ethoxylated ingredients and ingredients controversial by the regulations. These products used alone or in combination (protocol type) or made in homemade "mixture" can be the cause of the occurrence of skin problems. They can, in addition, participate in the maintenance or even the aggravation of installed dermatological pathologies, which the veterinarian will try to treat with the existing medicinal arsenal.

LOOK CARE® was born from the meeting between an experienced groomer and an internationally renowned cosmetologist who worked for major players in the veterinary industry. The brand has dual expertise in the service of product performance, respect for the animal and that of the user.

Innovation, Formulation Expertise and Green Science constitute the DNA of the dermo-cosmetic brand. The development charter excludes the use of perfume, allergens and silicones, which are accumulative and hardly biodegradable for the environment.

The formulas are developed according to the requirements of the European Regulation applicable to Cosmetics for humans and the formulas are submitted to an expert toxicologist to assess the safety of the product and an optimal tolerance of the established formula.

The highly concentrated formulas are tested under dermatological control.


The manufacturing is French.

The emblematic care of the brand's know-how is a premium serum which in itself revolutionizes the grooming activity. Resulting from several years of research for its development, this gifted adapts to all hairs and sublimates styling techniques while imparting an ultra natural look. LOOK CARE serum is an ally of choice for catwalks! 

LOOK CARE® also turns out to be a natural ally of choice for treating daily dermatological problems: thanks to its moisturizing, nutritive and anti-inflammatory properties, LOOK CARE serum calms itching and redness. LOOK CARE® preserves skin homeostasis and restores the quality of the hydrolipidic film, particularly in the case of canine atopic dermatitis.

INGREDIENTS: avocado oil (persea gratissima oil) hazelnut oil (corylus avellane seed oil) dicaprylyl carbonate, caprylic / capric triglycerides


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